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unforgettable this Christmas?
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for someone else this December! Create an unforgettable Christmas for the whole family as you LEARN. DO. REFLECT. RECORD. You don't want to miss this!!!


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Can be purchased a la carte for $14.95 on Etsy here.
#1 Christmas Advent Cards & Tags
  • Daily Christmas Advent Cards with one focused theme about what Jesus did along with a Christmas song, scripture, and service idea.
  • ​Christmas Tags for Days 1-25 to use with an over-the-door shoe holder. Use wooden clips to attach to the pockets.
Members Area Only Available Through Our Bundled $25 Kit. 
#2 Christmas Advent Members Area
  • Daily Digital Christmas Advent Calendar. 25 different days to focus on what Jesus did and how we can learn from him through a Christmas song, scripture, advent treat idea, and service idea.
  • ​Private Members Area for you to enjoy all of the digital content to help you Learn. Do. Record. Reflect.
Can be purchased a la carte for $19.95 on Etsy here.
#3 Parent Christmas Guide
  • 31 Page Parent Guide that coordinates with the Christmas Advent Calendar to help you teach your children and it is all done-for-you! 
  • ​Learn. Do. Reflect. Record: song, scripture, advent gift idea and mini-lesson, service idea, and a reflection section.
Can be purchased a la carte for $14.95 on Etsy here.
#4 Child's Christmas Workbook
  • This child's Christmas Workbook is filled with 37 pages packed with everything you need to help your child have a successful and fun Christmas adventure! 
  • There are worksheets for everyday and then a few extra pages of fun throughout the 25 days. 
Can be purchased a la carte for $5.99 on Etsy here.
#5 Advent Ornament Tree
  • This advent ornament tree digital printable coordinates with the Members Area.
  • ​25 different ornaments that have the song, scripture, and a question to ponder on the backside. This is a fun and quick way to get ready for a Christ-Centered Christmas!
Can be purchased a la carte for $9.95 on Etsy here.
#6 Christmas Coin Rewards Program
  • Help your children create habits of service not just through December, but throughout the year.
  • Celebrate their victories with small stepping stones.

You can purchase a la carte from our Etsy Store, but the Members Area is only available through this bundle. Priced at $65.79 if you were to buy them all a la carte. 

  Our Bundled Price for the ENTIRE Collection is just $25!!

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here is what others are saying about our advent calendar!

"So thankful for Melia put together this interactive advent calendar. Day one was "Jesus lightens others burdens" After reading the daily scripture from the New Testament they watched a Christmas music video. The activity was to lighten others burdens by collecting one can of food a day for the month of December and bringing it to a food bank. One of my 6 boys asked if he could use some of his birthday money to buy cans for it. Love that the kids can feel a part of doing good this Christmas season and hope it lights a fire for the coming year as well." - Shannon E., Arizona

"Thank you for all the work you did on your Christmas advent calendar, and I'm so excited to use your resources for our family this Christmas.
Thanks again for all your work." - Allison H.

"I LOVE your advent calendar.  Thanks!!" - Andrea H.

"I can't think of a better Christmas idea and through your hard work... YOU'VE made it possible! Thanks again for ALL you do. Have a blessed day!" - Juli


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